"Mixed" salad large
"Mixed" salad

180 g.

320 rub

Salad with tender chicken liver large
Salad with tender chicken liver

160 g.

450 rub

Composition of vegetables large
Composition of vegetables

270 g.

470 rub

Village salad large
Village salad

200 g.

520 rub

Caeasar salad with chicken large
Caeasar salad with chicken

245 g.

520 rub

"Mixed" salad with shrimps large
"Mixed" salad with shrimps

170 g.

550 rub

Caeasar salad with shrimp large
Caeasar salad with shrimp

210 g.

580 rub

Salad Caprese large
Salad Caprese

240 g.

620 rub

The burrata with tomatoes large
The burrata with tomatoes

246 g.

650 rub

Warm salad with seafood large
Warm salad with seafood

305 g.

790 rub

Da Cicco, 2011